1. Francisco studied Computer Science in the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specialized in Software engineering and Web Development worked in leading web development agencies in Germany and Ireland for almost 5 years. For some years now, Francisco has been leading the development of the MEDTING platform. First as Technical Lead, now as CTO of MEDTING, Francisco also plans with the technical strategies and explores the world of eHeath and its possibilities in today’s health.

  2. Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1983, I was passionate about computers and technology since the age of 9 when my parents bougth our fist computer. Now, nearly 20 years later, I have developed in more than 15 different programming languages and a great amount of different platforms. I like to think that in this time I have mastered the development in PHP, .NET C#, Javascript / jQuery, Actionscript, Java and Web standards such as XHTML, CSS, etc. My current ambitions is to improve my skills in HTML5, CSS3, mobile development (Android & iOS) using Java and Objective C.


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    MEDTING Platform

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    MEDTING Corp.Site

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    Bid Mercury Spec

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    MedicalExchange MEDTING Platform

    Platform for medical collaboration and social networking. This platform is built in Php and has integration with online payments and advanced multimedia capabilities. MEDTING ensures patient data privacy and provides notifications and alarms for the clinicians. Web services and other API are available for third party integrations.


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    Development of this important Irish radio station website that features social media integration and multimedia features. This website is able to manage tens of thousands of visits per day providing very rich content and multimedia experience.


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    Bid Mercury Spec

    Private portal developed for B2B trading transactions where suppliers bid with offers to get adjudications for engineering project. This platform assures total security and privacy for auctions and bidding information.


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